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This program is for children between 2 and 4 and will be led by 2 instructors. 

Along the year, our class will follow the stories of "Berthe, la Souris Verte” our mascot. Through stories, games, songs, cooking, arts and crafts, the children are invited to develop communicative skills in French as well as social skills, fine motor skills, counting, rhyming, and more!



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This program is for children between 2.5 and 10 supervised by 2 instructors, and promotes creativity through arts & crafts, group games, singing, dancing, cooking in a French speaking environment. 









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Homework Help



1st to 6th grade










Lessons focus on your child's specific class work (1st to 6th Grade). The goal is to strengthen his/her understanding of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary that are the foundation of the French language. In addition, the French tutor will assist with homework and preparation for quizzes and exams.





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